This is one of the most creative use of Inline Design products that we have seen.  Custom posts transition seamlessly between Miami Square cable railing and Chicago Square glass railing systems.  Maple handrails were installed straight up the stair runs, with the cable spans.  Glass infills were used on the landings, breaking up the spans of hand railing.  Custom fabrication of the corner posts to allow for cable fittings on one side and glass clamps on the other.  On the top level landing, Chicago Square posts create a safe and sturdy barrier.

And this, folks, is how you go about making your stairs more than just a necessity.  It is both interesting and expertly crafted.  Because Inline Design systems are entirely modular, it’s important to piece together an order carefully.  Our posts do not come with base covers or cable.  These are purchased separately; we are happy to offer support as you put together an order.