We could tell Bob and his wife had real gumption. The two were searching for a weather-resistant railing system for their forest-facing deck, and one which they could install themselves. Bob had only very limited prior contracting experience, but being a Professor of Forest Policy and his wife being the owner of a Desktop Publishing Company – they decided to take to it with a can do attitude and handle the entire install without any professional help.

When Bob arrived he had already done his homework and was ready for us with great questions and our official quote request form already filled out. The Inline Design quote request form is useful for all parties involved in planning as it includes a section for parts requested as well as a graphed floorplan for measurements and diagrams. Whether working alone or with a contractor this is a great place to get started.

Bob’s lovely home in upstate New York seems pulled from a fable. It lies in a glen surrounded by shade, set against the beautiful backdrop of forest and flower. The 2nd story backyard deck has clean, slate grey wooden flooring and matching light grey house paint accented by white and charcoal trim. The stage was set with just one piece missing. The deck simply needed a transparent railing solution which would not detract from any of the surrounding beauty.

They decided on the:

We sent along a full set of helpful DIY instructionsguideslinks, and installation videos to aid in project. 

Outdoor corossion being a concern, Bob was pleased to learn: 

After returning from a fishing vacation, Bob forwarded us some fantastic pictures of their new railing system and took advantage of our free shipping rebate. He even offered to provide us a narrative emphasizing the ease of installation his wife and he were able to achieve while installing the system by themselves. Thanks Bob, we’re just happy to know you’re happy. Look at that deck!

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